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Telecommunications Division
Site Surveys
A Site Survey is a detailed inspection of the premises where a project will be undertaken. We recommend that such a task would be performed before undertaking any project. In this phase the project manager discusses the requirements with the client in broad terms. The necessary information is grouped under the following headings amongst others:
 power supplies
 installation materials
 environmental considerations
A report is produced which includes a plan and photos of the site. 
Our engineers analyse the information collected from the site survey to produce a preliminary project plan. This will provide you with a solution to meet your:
 current needs
 future needs (if needed)
 budgetary allowance
Supply of Materials and Equipment
Once a commercial agreement is in place we supply the materials according to the specifications and standards requested by you. We also make sure that the equipment is thoroughly tested before shipment to ensure minimal disruptions at the job site. You can also opt for factory acceptance testing which can also be arranged for larger or more specific applications. Last but not least we make sure to observe the requirements needed for protecting the materials during shipping- ensuring a safe trip and delivery.
Supply of materials
Project Management
Project management involves the planning of the whole project phase. Our project manager will liaise with you to ensure that progress can be monitored. This is particularly important when the project itself is part of a critical system. In such projects it is essential to ensure minimal down time while delivering the project on time.
Project installations are performed by our skillful team. Our team is composed of 
 supervisors and
Our employees are trained and certified as competent persons in telecommunication installations. Our team can embark on both small and medium sized projects. However when dealing with large projects we find the cooperation of our overseas partners. They provide us with additional specialised personnel having the necessary expertise in similar projects.
Testing, Commissioning and Handing Over
Testing and commissioning is a fundamental part of every project. In this stage our engineers perform end to end testing of the installed system within your network. Recommendations laid down in the supplier specifications are strictly adhered to and all tests strictly performed. Testing of the system involves both engineering and technician practices in order to ensure the integrity and performance of the system.
Tektraco can train your technicians and engineers who will operate the system after the handover. We can offer you training at our principal’s offices or else on site training for a more personalised experience. This training is arranged according to the nature of the telecom project taking into consideration the particular training needs of your personnel.
Lab Side