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Case Studies
The Tektraco Telecom team executed a number of successful projects in the area of communication using a variety of transmission media. These include Microwave, Fiber optic, as well as copper based transmission such as DSL and LAN. Some projects from our portfolio include:
Fibre Optic Infrastructure Link - Enemalta Corporation 

fibre opticThe local power company, Enemalta, is currently implementing a fibre optic infrastructure to link all the distribution centres in order to provide a high speed and secure physical medium. Tektraco has been awarded the first phase of this project which involved the linking of five distribution centres situated around Malta. Tektraco has teamed up with Prysmian Group, the leading company in fibre optic cable, and has laid, terminated and tested fibre along various tunnels and duct routes within the Maltese Islands.

Airborne TV Microwave Links - Malta Security Forces
Airborne TV  

The above involved the supply of microwave T.V. links, installed in helicopters, to provide for aerial surveillance by security forces. This project was undertaken completely by ‘Tektraco’ from the initial demonstration/presentation state, through approval, and final handing-over to client.

Multi-Frequency Broadcast Antenna - Master Antenna Ltd.

All V.H.F. radio broadcasting stations in Malta utilise a single 'Master Antenna' that was supplied, installed and commissioned by ‘Tektraco’, in association with its principals. This antenna system, installed on an extension of an existing mast, ensures nation-wide coverage equally for all stations. The project included also the supply of the tuned combiners, as well as all the installation and commissioning.

 Multi Frequency Broadcast Antenna
Terminal Approach Radar - Civil Aviation Department
Terminal Approach RadarThis 10 million US$ project covers the supply, installation and commissioning of a primary and secondary approach radar for the Malta Civil Aviation Authorities. The project was taken on a turnkey basis, and included also the construction of a Radar Tower building, as well as an extensive building extension to the control tower, to accommodate the new consoles.
GSM Network - Vodafone
This was the installation of the first ever GSM network in Malta. The equipment was supplied by Siemens/Italtel and all the infrastructure installation was undertaken by Tektraco staff and subcontractors. This project was executed in a very tight timescale with the usual constraints arising from site limitations. Vodafone GSM
Go Mobile GSM This was the second GSM network in Malta. Tektraco was called in to cater for the installation of about 80 base stations which were housed on top of both public and private buildings all over Malta. The steelwork was supplied by Reime-Jarsio and all the infrastucture installation was undertaken by "Tektraco" staff and subcontractors. This project was also executed in a very tight timescale in spite of all the constraints arising from site limitations.
Telecommunications Towers - GPTC Libya
This project covered the supply and installation, including all necessary civil works, of six towers. Works were difficult due to remoteness of some of the sites, and the difficulty in getting materials, staff and machinery to the site. Libya Tower
Satellite Receive and Re-Transmit System RASCO, Libya
Abou dishEquipment for reception of several satellite channels, and re-broadcasting over terrestrial V.H.F. channels was provided, installed and commissioned, at remote sites.
AGOCO Project Libya
Arabian Gulf Oil Company embarked on a project aimed at interconnecting their oilfields with the headquarters in Benghazi. Agoco asked for a state of the art sturdy backhaul for their network. Tektraco was the solution for Agoco where this plan was deployed in a variety of projects.

One of these projects saw the communication of their headquarters with the national telephone company GPTC. The services needed were telephony, data and E1 containers amongst others. These services were transported on STM-1 over a 5km link.

Tektraco was further entrusted with a bigger project which stretched over three Agoco oilfields. The project interlinked the three sites with 2MBits/s CCTV, four wire E&M as well as PABX connections. The project consisted of the supply, installation and commissioning of Digital Multiplexing Equipment together with 100km of fibre-optic.

Agoco called in Tektraco for yet another extension of this network to include yet another three oilfields. The project consisted of supply, installation and commissioning of the same Digital Multiplexing Equipment and associated fibre-optic terminations so as to provide the following facilities such as PSTN – PABX interconnection, Network interconnection and CCTV.
SIRTE Project Libya
 Sirte Oil Company entrusted Tektraco with various telecommunication projects. The Fibre Optic - Microwave project provided a link between Communications and an oil field. This link included two other existent nodes. Tektraco had to interface the Digital Multiplexing equipment to the microwave radio and to extend the network over fibre optic cable in order to provide telephone and E1 extensions.

Sirte entrusted Tektraco with yet another project where HDSL was chosen over STM-1 on fibre optic cable. The client wanted to make use of existent copper cable which had been already laid in the ducts. Sirte requested the transmission of four E1 circuits but the network was capable of delivering six E1 circuits. The whole network included four telephone exchange nodes and an HDSL repeater to bridge a total length of thirteen kilometers between the middle nodes.
WAHA Project Libya
Waha Oil Company embarked on the project of connecting its main headquarters in Tripoli to its outside oil field plants. This project required the transmission path to include three node multiplexes at Es-Sider, Raslanuf compound and Repaeter7. The Waha oil fields are now connected to the Al Waha Company network with a throughput of twenty-one E1 channels.  
RASCO Project Libya
 Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas processing facility embarked on the project of upgrading its main facility with cutting edge telecommunication system. This project required the transmission path to include three node multiplexes at Township, Repaeter7 and Complex Site.
Tektraco had to install and commission twenty kilometers of fibre optic cable together with the Digital Multiplexing equipment at all locations. The network will be capable of PSTN- PABX interconnections, Data and LAN extensions together with a dedicated Video Conferencing facility between the far sites.