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Telecommunications Division
Fibre Optic Network Systems
The ever-increasing use of optical fibres in telecoms networks has brought about a requirement for suppliers capable of providing all that is necessary for such installations. As an established representative of various well-known and reputable manufacturers, Tektraco can supply any material and installation equipment required for implementing a network in fibre optics.

Materials and Installation Equipment
Fibre Optic Network Systems
 Heat-shrink Joints and Universal Closures for FO Cables
 Patch panels of varying sizes and specifications
 Fibre Management Trays, Specialised Trunking, and Termination Boxes
 Splicing Equipment and splice protection hardware
 Fusion splicers of varying complexities and capabilities
 Optical Measuring systems
 Hand tools and complete Toolboxes for fibre optic jointing
 Field installable Fibre-optic Connectors
 Optical-Electrical Converters
 Optical Attenuators
 Optical Impulse Generators
Fibre Optic Network Systems
Telecommunications Division