Tektraco entrusted by World Crane Services to upgrade Freeport’s cranes communication system

WCS has been entrusted by Malta Freeport terminals via Motherwell Bridge Industries to upgrade and refurbish a number of the larger cranes at the port.

Tektraco Labs – Installation and commissioning of climatic and salt spray corrosion chambers

During the Covid-19 pandemic most companies were confronted with adapting to new ways of working amid stressors that have never been experienced before.

CRFS deliver national Radio Frequency spectrum monitoring project to MCA

CRFS, a global leader in RF spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation solutions alongside partner Tektraco Telecoms are pleased to announce the

Spectrum Monitoring Receiver Network Installation

CRFS have been entrusted by the Malta Communications Authority – MCA, to install a high-end spectrum monitoring receiver network and associated software. Tektraco is the nominated CRFS partner for Malta

Oxygen for domiciliary use – advice to patients, carers and healthcare professionals

Medicinal Gases are licensed pharmaceutical products, which are highly regulated by European Directives and UK legislation. The most common medical gases are:

The only local company with FOA certified Technicians

Tektraco Telecoms has been working with the fibre optic association (FOA) for years. They are the industries only non-profit organisation

DZSi and Tektraco Team to transform Malta with Fiber

DZS, a global provider of fixed and mobile packet, optical transport, and connected premises solutions to service providers and enterprises is working with Tektraco Telecoms (Tektraco)

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On Wednesday 29th July, all Tektraco Staff & Directors attended a special event to celebrate ‘????? ???????’ retirement after 29 years of loyal service. Louis was a key figure at Tektraco,

Waste Anaesthetic Gases

Health care professionals working in hospitals, operating rooms, dental offices and veterinary clinics, are potentially exposed to waste anaesthetic gases and are at risk of occupational illness.

Accident in Malta Freeport – Two cranes collided

Last week following an accident where two cranes collided, our team was called in to restore the fibre control box. These big cranes used in most container operations are controlled using fibre optic cables due to the