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Telecommunications Division
Test and Measurement
Test and measurement equipment is used for both testing and assurance purposes. Tektraco can provide you with the latest products in Design and Manufacturing, Network Testing as well as video testing equipment. Whether you are working in R&D, as a service or field technician, a student as well as a part time hobbyist, we can help you choose the best instrument for your needs. 
 General Purpose Oscilloscopes
 Value Added Oscilloscopes
 Power Supplies
 Real Time Spectrum Analysers
 Logic Analysers
 Signal Generators
 Programmable Signal Generators
 Network Diagnostics
 Network Monitoring Systems
 Time Domain Reflectometers
 Bit Error Rate Testers
 SDH/SONET Analysers
 Fibre Optic Test Equipment
 Handheld Fault Finders
 Fibre Optic Communication Telephones
 Video Testing
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