Tektraco Medical is a specialist in Medical Gas Systems.  

As a potential customer or user of Medical Gases, it is important to have peace of mind that what is being supplied is safe and effective.

Our team of certified medical gas engineers design the system, procure and install all plant and pipe works and perform the rigid tests associated with the medical field. Moreover, our Medical Gas Specialists are trained to carry out Preventive Maintenance as per the relevant standards and manufacture recommendations.

We can supply and install to any standard and locally we are legally obliged to work to the ISO 7396-1 (MGPS) European Standard. However, our experience is that if installations follow the British Health Technical Memorandum (HTM02:01), this provides the most reliable and safe Medical Gas Network.

In addition, we also provide and install various forms of Patient Services such as:

  • Bed Head units

The bedhead unit is permanently installed as horizontal, vertical, ceiling mounted or as suspended mounting and is intended to supply services such as electric power, lighting, extra low voltage communications, medical gases, entertainment and monitoring facilities.

  • Theatre Pendants

Theatre Pendants are intended to distribute medical gases, AGSS and electrical services to the operating table / anaesthetic machine.

  • Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems in a hospital and/or Nursing homes give the ability to a patient to ask for assistance by the push of a button from the bedside or via a pull cord from a shower or WC.

  • Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems are used in laboratories and in the industrial sector for detecting leaks in gas pipelines, also offering automatically controlled isolation valves in the event of hazardous gases being leaked.

In Malta the company is considered to be the leader in this field as it has executed practically all medical gas installations since 1990.