The INDX 43 2.0b is the mid-range film processor in the Colenta INDX family operating speed at 24cm/min when developing film at a 100sec development time – entry to entry.

COLENTA INDX 43 2.0b is the best NDT medium-capacity processor in the market when considering price and production specifications, providing the highest level of quality and reliability with the flexibility required by the medium and higher volume users. Very competitive against the GE models offering a maximum processing width of 43 cm (17 inch) for sheet and roll film formats as required (up to 2 metres in length).

A fully automatic dry to dry film processor designed for free standing darkroom use or installed “through-wall” for darkroom loading. Standard features include warm air, flat path dryer with an inbuilt internal airflow/exhaust to ensure efficient drying and good operating conditions.