A very popular film processor in the INDX range with an operating speed at 31cm/min when programmed for an 8 min dry to dry cycle. It provides many practical economical advantages in its design. Productivity, flexibility and archival quality are its key features.


  • Offering a max processing width of 43cm (17inch) sheet film and roll film.
  • Developer time range from 26 sec up to 154sec.
  • DRY to DRY range from 2‘08″ to 11‘45″.
  • A production speed range of 21 to 115 cm/min.
  • Automatic Cooling – the processor electronics automatically detects over temperature developer conditions and then activates a cold water cooling system.
  • Processor ventilation – the processor is supplied with an exhaust port located at the feed end of the processor.

Where the processor is installed in a „through-wall“ location whereby an auto feeder or feed table is positioned in a darkroom and the main body of the processor is in daylight, it is important that the darkroom is pressurised to ensure a positive airflow from feed to dryer thus avoiding condensation related problems.