Zehntner® Range Of Products – Retro­reflectometers

For more than 40 years the brand name Zehntner has been standing for high quality electronic and physical measuring and testing instruments.

Zehntner Retroreflectometers enable measurement of the visibility of road markings and road studs. Zehntner offers a variety of retroreflectometers that can measure night road visibility, or the coefficient of retroreflected luminance (RL), the coefficient of luminous intensity (R and RI), day visibility (Qd), ambient temperature (°C/°F) and relative humidity (rH%).

Zehntner’s world-class portable reflectometers come in a variety of classes, from entry-level to expert level. All of their retroreflectometers come with factory calibration traceable to the independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and approved by the accredited association StrAus-Zert. Zehntner Retroreflectometers are world-renowned and relied upon for ensuring optimal driving conditions by road and airport authorities.