Marriott Hotel & Spa

Delivery of fibre optic network solution based on passive optical technology with 70% less cabling, easy maintenance and cost reduction.

Transport Malta

Installation of weather monitoring stations in strategic positions along the Maltese coast.

St Vincent De Paul Long-Term Care Facility

Installation of a new oxygen pipeline as well as custom designed 16 bedhead units, 12 of which requiring Oxygen outlets.

AX The Palace Hotel

Installation of a Fibre Optic network using passive optical technology that reduced the cable requirements by 70% whilst delivering to its clients unparalleled internet speeds!

Water Services Corporation

Supply and installation of Lab furniture in a number of labs.

Steward Gozo General Hospital

Installation of around 60 new medical gas outlets, supply and installation of new medical vacuum plant, new medical air plant and an oxygen control panel.


Implementation of tens of kilometres of fibre in tunnels and ducts, and a 24/7 fibre optic monitoring system.

University of Malta (UM)

Procurement of an advanced engineering learning system focused on Industry 4.0 and a wide variety of technology applications.

Mater Dei Hospital

Installation of more than 150 Oxygen gas outlets and a further 20 gas outlets which are a mix of other medical gases in different areas of Mater Dei Hospital from February to April 2020.

MCA (Malta Communications Authority)

Delivery of a national spectrum monitoring system which will enable the Malta Communications Authority to monitor the radio spectrum more effectively.