Tektraco Labs – A Complete Laboratory Solution


Have you ever wondered why we embrace and promote our department as a Complete Lab Solution? We offer our clients a vast range of goods which you would require to build your laboratory from scratch.

These include:

–          Labware & Chemicals

–          Lab Furniture

–          Analytical Equipment

–          Petroleum testing Equipment

–          Environmental Simulation

However, we don’t stop at offering the best product for your needs. Our technical department will make sure you are given the best service at all times including:

–          Installation, training & commissioning,

–          Corrective & Preventive maintenance,

–          Lab design & infrastructure,

–          Consultancy

–          Courses

Our clients have encouraged us for over 30 years by giving us positive feedback and knowing that they can rely on Tektraco Labs whenever required. This is why we feel that we can offer a complete solution to any required situation.


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