Pros and Cons of Elevated CO2 Levels in Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation is an intricate science that has evolved significantly in recent years. Cultivators are using innovative methods to optimize crop yield and quality. One such technique that has gained traction is the controlled use of carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment to stimulate plant growth. However, while elevated CO2 levels offer substantial benefits, they also bring potential risks and challenges to the table that growers must consider.

Projects Page – Tektraco Ltd New Website Addition

We are very excited to announce an addition to our new Tektraco Ltd website – Projects Page. We wanted to create a better way for you to learn more about Tektraco and our endeavours in the Telecoms, Medical and

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On Wednesday 29th July, all Tektraco Staff & Directors attended a special event to celebrate ‘????? ???????’ retirement after 29 years of loyal service. Louis was a key figure at Tektraco,

Tektraco Ltd – 30 years of operation!

On the 6th of February 2020 we were celebrating our 30th Anniversary  🙂 Tektraco Ltd has been successfully operating on Maltese and Libyan markets for three decades ???

SME Company of the Year and Award for Excellence 2019

On Friday 6th of December, we had the pleasure of attending the “Malta’s Best-in-Business Award 2019” organized by Malta Business Review. The event featured over 300 distinguished guests