Spectrum Monitoring Receiver Network Installation


CRFS have been entrusted by the Malta Communications Authority – MCA, to install a high-end spectrum monitoring receiver network and associated software. Tektraco is the nominated CRFS partner for Malta and has been involved from the get-go on this project.

With this solution, the MCA will be able to pro-actively monitor and geo-locate radio frequency transmissions to ensure that the radio spectrum is used in the most efficient manner. This solution will therefore contribute towards cutting down the mean time in locating sources causing harmful interference, and by doing so, minimizing the disruption which such interference could have on other transmissions.


As part of the pre-implementation stage, Tektraco took part in looking for candidate sites for the three-receiver nodes which shall be installed in the country. We also took the visit of the CRFS specialists as an occasion to visit our friends at the armed forces to talk about sharing capabilities and budgets as the network may be used for electronic surveillance. The hardware can be shared by multiple users with different mission criteria, while the single user is unaware of this happening, this increases the capital cost surplus value and allows for the investment to be absorbed quickly, using different budgets.

The solution is also extremely scalable, with the outdoor nodes taking a tiny space with little operational requirements.

We look forward to updating you on the actual implementation and testing of the solution in the coming months.


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