Oxygen for domiciliary use – advice to patients, carers and healthcare professionals



Medicinal Gases are licensed pharmaceutical products, which are highly regulated by European Directives and UK legislation. The most common medical gases are: medical air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen (Medical Liquid Nitrogen) and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Medical gases are critical to the function of hospitals and many other healthcare facilities. Knowing the most common types of gases, understanding how each is used, and then how to maintain your systems for each gas will ensure your facility’s success.


British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) issued a Guidance Note 29. This document covers the supply of medical oxygen for domiciliary use, supplied to patients in their home, care home or other domiciliary facility.


It includes advice to patients and carers, as well as healthcare professionals, on the initial actions to take should an incident occur with medical oxygen.

To download or view this document click here.

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