Medical Gases – Medical Oxygen In a Vehicle

British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) issued a leaflet that highlights key safety information for patients and drivers where medical oxygen cylinders or medical liquid oxygen

Medical Gas Systems Installation Guidelines

Pipelines should be identified in accordance with BS 1710:1984, and colour banding for the pipelines should be used. Colour band identification (see below) should be applied near to valves,

The Importance of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

During the past three decades Tektraco Medical completed several successful projects in Libya, Malta, Tanzania, Albania and Oman. Libyan European Hospital of Benghazi

Oxygen for domiciliary use – advice to patients, carers and healthcare professionals

Medicinal Gases are licensed pharmaceutical products, which are highly regulated by European Directives and UK legislation. The most common medical gases are:

HTM-02 Authorized and Competent Persons Training

Both HTM-02 and EN7396-1 request that personnel involved in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems have the suitable skills and competence